Sunny Wednesday

Well yesterday was the day we needed to sit and do the presentation.  The guy that did ours is Kevin Burns and was in the olympics as a swimmer at the same time as David Wilkie who was his best man.  Apparently David Wilkie was a crap best man!

Anyway given that we had sat through the presentation two years ago we didn’t get stuffed with it this time.  Instead we taught the guy about Ebay, Quidco, Topcashback and other bits and bobs.  They made us an offer which Steve didn’t want to refuse but being realistic we decided against it.  So instead on Friday Steve and I are going to Kevin’s house for Steve to sort out access to British TV via the net for Kevin to watch his wife who works on some TV channel which escapes me at the minute.

Hottest day of all yesterday but after all the talking Steve needed a nap and by the time we had eaten late lunch and Steve was kipping I ventured out to catch some rays and everyone was going in!  So today we are going down to the pool for an hour and then lunch, then maybe the pool again but we get to have cream tea.  Always our favourite treat when we are away.

Can’t believe it’s Thursday already.  Steve and I are debating having our main two weeks here next year we love it so much.  It’s so quiet and relaxing.  Must be done.


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