A Blog For Steve Brooks

Steve and I have calculated that we need to eat about 3 ice creams a day to get rid of them before Saturday.  Oh how we need Mr Brooks right now.

We have started this morning with a smarties cornetto!

Wish us luck

Verdict is in on the Cornetto Smarties.  Quite nice although somewhat soggy.  Does this mean there is an issue with our freezer and we might have to eat 9 ice creams each today, plus the pasta thingy and all the salmon fillets.  OMG


One Response to A Blog For Steve Brooks

  1. cheryl says:

    Yep you guys definately need Mr Steve Brooks my gorgous husband. 3 icecreams a day is a walk in the park to him as you know. Just have to tell you though that at present he is now into trifle or anything that looks, tastes or even remotely resembles trifle not forgetting his icecreams(wouldnt want to let them out) wouldnt be fair somehow !! Funny thing is….. we did the same in York if you remember and if I remember correctly then it was Mr Steve Birkett who stuffed them all not to waste them. WHERE WAS OLLIE THEN !!

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