The Hot Tub

Well we thought we would burn off a couple of those cake calories so decided to go to the pool.

Steve and I got in the hot tub and that’s where he stayed.  It helped him to move his legs about without the back pain.

So I must now win the lottery to buy him one of his own.

I swam like a good girl!

Steve decided to put all his things in a locker rather than bringing them to the pool side.  He shut the door of the locker and then wondered how he was going to his clothes back without a key!  Yup no key.  It’s okay though wifey went and got it and he recovered said clothing.

We got back to our room and I said where are your swimming trunks my love!  (you can just hear me can’t you).  Botheration and darnnit was the reply I have left them in the men’s changing room!

So off I trundled back to the pool and asked some unsuspecting male to go retrieve them for me!

No matter the exercise did me good.


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