Getting Here

So – Starting a little backwards but hey who cares it’s my blog!

Good trip to Heathrow even though the rain lashed down all the way up the M4.

Nice stay in the Holiday Inn where we left the car on one of those park and stay deals.  Used Airmiles of course!

Got to airport and got pushed to front of queue because of Steve’s back.  It pays to travel with a cripple people.  Hire one if you don’t have one of your own!

Then we got a wheel chair for him to take us to the airport lounge.  The little person took one look at Steve and nearly asked for a wheelchair herself!  Poor sod she was shorter than me and weighed next to nothing.  Hey it’s your job love stop huffing – that’s what I say.

Airport Angel used so we sat and had free coffee, or in Steve’s case a double espresso, a latte and an americano.  I had some brekkie and stuffed cakes in the rucksack for on board flight in case they didn’t feed us.

Got to gate and asked to go on board last because of Steve’s mobility but we got on first.  Again this was great as it meant that Steve could take his time walking to the plane and then didn’t have to stand in long queues waiting to board or sit.

Lovely meal on board whatever it was it filled the gap.

Got off the other side and exited on to a moving ramp for the cripples amongst us!  Steve was offered a wheelchair but being the “what will people say about the fat guy in a wheelchair” type of person he opted to walk/hobble/limp.  Silly bugger.

Got to the hotel and given nice room with sea view but no self catering.  Sorted that one out pdq so now we have the self catering apartment with sofa so at least something decent to sit on.

However we are in the third tower of the resort and the restaurants are in the first one.  Not really conducive to long treks across the hotel with crippley guy!

Steve still not over his Sport Relief mile which isn’t helping at all.  If his back continues this way we are going to have to think more and more about travel and accommodation limitations. Or amputation from the neck down.  My cure all!

Well off to read a bit and chill (or warm rather as it is lovely today).


2 Responses to Getting Here

  1. stevebirkett says:

    OK less of the cripple bashing!

  2. Robert Birkett says:

    I wish to complain to the writer of this blog. Your blatant lack of diversity towards us cripples is disgusting.

    To equalise the hurt I feel, I am off for a rissole and a mince n onion pie.

    The welsh cuisine is weird.

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