Food Shopping & Eating

Monday we went to Mellihea for the food shoppings.  Carrefour type place.  Spent enough to feed us for the week and cos we spent over 100 euros we got 5 x 1.5 litre bottles 0f pop free.  Wouldn’t get that from Tesco.  3 bottles of pepsi and 2 bottles of Kinnie which is a local pop made out of bitter oranges.  Quite nice.

Anyway randomly chose lots of stuff for the eating of and you will see that we got a lot of snacks.  Steve Brooks will be pleased to hear that for some reason we bought 3 boxes of ice creams.  We are thinking of having a food leftovers party on Saturday morning!

Cold meats, cheese, pasta, salmon and lots of lovely yummy munchies.

So far we have had pizza delivered to our room on the Saturday evening.  Then we had Italian at Agliolios, yummy stuff.

Last night I made some bizarre pasta thing.  The deli downstairs sells gluten free spaghetti – WHY?  Anyway we have that again for tea today.

Can I just qualify the photo of the snacks.  I didn’t put all of these in the shopping trolley! 🙂


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