BBC Sport – Dereck Chisora threatens to shoot David Haye after brawl

What a pair of embarrassing tossers. David “My Toe” Haye and Derek “Girly Slap” Chisora need to grow up.

Haye, you’re retired, you lost, get over it. Chisora, despite your antics you were outclassed. I didn’t like the Klitschko’s but after seeing you two, I have to say I have a lot of respect for both of them. They conduct themselves properly and have respect for their opponents even when they don’t deserve it. I am so staunchly patriotic but you two make me ashamed to be British. Not often sportsmen can make me say that even when they lose.

BBC Sport – Dereck Chisora threatens to shoot David Haye after brawl.




My homework for the next few months. I’m determined to get a handle on it now.

New home

Well, its decided, its here that the home of my blog is going to be.

I’m going to have to design my site myself so I can get it just the way I want but, in consultation with Rob, this is the way forward.

I’m going to leave all the previous witters for posterity.



Oh my God!!! It’s here, my iPad is in my hands and I’m blogging from it.

Oh my God!!!